Medical Fundraising

Case ID: 6 | Goal: ₹15000000 | Raised: 648500


Kidney Transplant Surgery

Everything you need to know about Kidney Transplant Surgery costs.

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Case ID: 5 | Goal: ₹4000000 | Raised: 1202800


IQRAA Hospital for the relief of patients

Kidney transplant surgery at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakhs.

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Case ID: 4 | Goal: ₹10000000 | Raised: 10000000


IQRAA Kidney Care & Research Centre

IQRAA Kidney Care & Research Centre, Calicut, Inauguration, 1st November 2020

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Case ID: 3 | Goal: ₹1000 | Raised: 1000


Let us follow IQRAA

Firose Kunnumparambil talks about IQRAA Hospital

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Case ID: 2 | Goal: ₹3600000 | Raised: 3263200


New Dialysis and NICU Inauguration

IQRAA Hospital Sulthan Bathery - Dialysis and NICU Inauguration

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Case ID: 1 | Goal: ₹20000000 | Raised: 3026400


About IQRAA Hospital

IQRAA Hospital has evolved as a centre of excellence in medicine by delivering high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost to the poor in particular and the society at large.

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Bloomed by the nurture of IQRAA Human Relations Saudi Arabia, we IQRAA Calicut serve as a tribute to humanity.

Monthly Donation

Contribution scheme that adds your token of humanity every month.

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Donate for Kidney Research Foundation

Donate for our Kidney Research Foundation which aims at providing quality kidney care at the affordable low cost to help the needy. We need your support to develop an obliging structure to upheld humanity at the topmost priority.

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General Donation

Your prayers to save humanity. Kind request to go through our active cases that needs support and donate your token here.

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Donation to IQRAA International Hospital and Research Centre is eligible to exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act