And whatever you spend of good - it will be fully repaid to you, and you will not be wronged. Al Qur’an {2:272}

Case ID: 6 | Goal: ₹15000000 | Raised: 648500


Kidney Transplant Surgery

Everything you need to know about Kidney Transplant Surgery costs.

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Case ID: 5 | Goal: ₹4000000 | Raised: 1202800


IQRAA Hospital for the relief of patients

Kidney transplant surgery at a cost of Rs 2.5 lakhs.

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Case ID: 4 | Goal: ₹10000000 | Raised: 10000000


IQRAA Kidney Care & Research Centre

IQRAA Kidney Care & Research Centre, Calicut, Inauguration, 1st November 2020

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Case ID: 3 | Goal: ₹1000 | Raised: 1000


Let us follow IQRAA

Firose Kunnumparambil talks about IQRAA Hospital

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Case ID: 2 | Goal: ₹3600000 | Raised: 3263200


New Dialysis and NICU Inauguration

IQRAA Hospital Sulthan Bathery - Dialysis and NICU Inauguration

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Case ID: 1 | Goal: ₹20000000 | Raised: 3026400


About IQRAA Hospital

IQRAA Hospital has evolved as a centre of excellence in medicine by delivering high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost to the poor in particular and the society at large.

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Bloomed by the nurture of IQRAA Human Relations Saudi Arabia, we IQRAA Calicut serve as a tribute to humanity.

IQRAA FOR ALL is an extended handle of IQRAA Calicut, that strives to reach out and help those vulnerable sections of people who are stormed by the fate in the name of diseases.Aimed at enabling the availability of high-quality medical services to the needy at basic cost, and to help raise the funds for medical treatments by using our channel to uphold the cause of humanity.

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Our team works up on the medical cases that are approaching IQRAA with the HOPE OF BEING SAVED. We use our long years of experience in the delivery of quality health care at affordable cost and the trust of people that we gained thereby, for moving forward.We diagnose the patient's health condition and the medical treatment necessary to bring him/her back to normal life. Also identifies the position of the patient from the viewpoint where he/she stands in fulfilling the cost of the treatment required.

Areas of Service

IQRAA FOR ALL is currently operating at Calicut with a vision to range the hands of help to those people who fights for life due to medical condition all over India and to international, if the situation demands.

Social Reach

Over our years of trusted service, we have remained in the hearts of satisfied patients all over the world. This is from where IQRAA finds motivation for further leap forward.

Round the Clock Support

Our team works 24/7 to reach out to those who are in demand of medical help regardless of time or place, as for us the greatest achievement is to rescue every life that requires medical attention.

Donation to IQRAA International Hospital and Research Centre is eligible to exemption under section 80G of Income Tax Act

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